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What you need to do to become A beauty therapist

Beauty therapists, also known as skin care specialists or aestheticians generally find employment in beauty care salons and spas. It requires great physical stamina as a therapist has to be on the feet for long hours, communicating with clients and offering treatments which include waxing, applying makeup, hair removal and providing stress related therapies like massages.

The usual median salary for skin care specialists is about $30,000 pa but that depends on the size and scale of the clinic and the city where it is located. For instance, if you are working in an up-scale clinic in Melbourne, you can surely expect higher starting emoluments. Further, if you are trained and have experience in providing cosmetic procedures like lip injections in Melbourne with Juvederm at the same clinic, you can definitely look forward to more lucrative career opportunities.

What then are the steps you have to take to become a beauty therapist?

Complete a recognised and accredited training programme

This is very crucial as you will know what it takes to provide safe and side-effects free beauty treatments. A good course on aesthetics and cosmetology typically trains students on giving facials, skin cleansing, steaming, waxing and massaging and hair removal processes. The programmes also cover application of make-up and other hygienic and sanitary procedures. You will be required to take practical training at a well established beauty salon and spas and this hands-on learning will give you all the confidence to deal with clients when you work independently in future.

However, such aspects as giving anti wrinkle injections in Melbourne is outside the parameters of these courses as it is purely the work of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. You will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

Get statutory licences

A majority of States require a beauty therapist to be licensed for which completing a State approved course is necessary. In addition to the hands-on training in the course, you have to pass a written and practical test conducted on a live model or mannequin to get a licence . The test will be supervised and monitored by an administrator. It is not a onetime affair and a licence has to be renewed every year on payment of a fee. Most States do not require proof of continuing education for renewal of licence.

If you are planning to start off on your own you need to have some marketing skills to build a loyal band of clientele. Or you can choose to gain some experience in a beauty salon and spa before branching out individually.

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