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Top Herbal Plants Used in the Beauty Industry

The trend in the beauty industry today shows a marked shift to herbs based cosmetics. People are now aware of the harmful effects of beauty products that contain harsh and abrasive chemicals. Herbal products are safe to use and do not have any adverse effects on the hair or skin. However, in spite of the present increased demand, herbs based beauty products are definitely not a new phenomenon. Women from various civilisations down the ages have made extensive use of herbs to look beautiful and sensual and retain a youthful appearance.

Some herbs are consumed while others are used for external applications only. There are numerous websites today that will take you through the making homemade remedies for beauty care. These are based on herbs that are available in plenty and very easy to prepare. Most importantly, these herbs grow rapidly and plucking them even in large quantities on specialised farms does not adversely affect the environment as rampant tree removals do.

Here are the some of the most popular herbs used in the beauty industry.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has healing properties and contains 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins and 18 amino acids. It is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. Aloe Vera juices and gels are ideal for soothing, toning and moisturising the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities and used in hair care products, natural deodorants and face and body creams.


Lavender has a very pleasant smell and is thus used widely in many types of scented products such as perfumes, body care items and as bath scents. Lavender oil is also used in moisturising creams for the skin. A little known fact is its antiseptic properties. The French Academy of Medicine had used it as a disinfectant during the Second World War.


Basil is generally known as a medicinal plant, but as a cosmetic ingredient it is much used for acne treatments and in perfumes, creams and a large number of hair and skin care products. It is the sweet linalool basil that is primarily used in the beauty industry.

Tea tree

Tree tea oil has antibiotic and antiseptic properties and is used extensively in hair and skin care products. As any expert in arboriculture in Australia will tell you, the tea tree is found mainly in this country, New Zealand and South Africa.

These are some of the top herbs being used in the beauty industry.

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