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Tips for Providing Quality Customer Service in your Beauty Salon

Owing a beauty salon or spa means that you are in the client service industry where people remember you for how they are being treated and the success of your business depends on how your customers feel when they leave your salon. A great haircut isn’t just enough to keep clients coming for more. There is break neck competition in this industry and you need to be well equipped to offer technically accurate and fashionable haircut or style.

The answer to this is simple-quality customer service. Here are some tips to help you improve your customer service and keep clients coming back.

• Know the needs of your clients

The decisive factor in providing quality customer service is reflected by knowing well about your clients. It is important to have a better understanding of what your clients need and their expectations. If you want to know more about them, ask questions to make sure that you would be able to offer services your client is looking for. By doing so, you both would be on the same page and there would be an agreement between both of you on what services could be provided and how it could be performed.

• Make your clients feel comfortable

Your clients want to feel like you are a trusted friend. Acknowledging a customer with a smile when they enter your salon can have a huge impact. Smiling at a customer relaxes them and ensures that they feel welcome and comfortable. If a walk-in client is not greeted by a friendly face, it is likely that they won’t stay and those who have booked for the first time are unlikely to return back. Always address the client’s with their first names and talk to them about their personal lives as well, like what they do, where they work, etc.

• Time Management

On the off chance that your salon is overbooked or is running late to accommodate an appointment, then inform your clients in advance or offer them free extra service or a discount when they come in next time. Show your customers that you value them and don’t just look to make business. Every customer is an asset to the business and should be treated sincerely.

• Provide mobile services

Urban Melbourne women are so busy with jobs, families and life, that it becomes harder for them to find a couple of hours to go and see their stylist on a day and time that works well for both. Providing mobile services staffed with a freelance hair stylist in Melbourne and makeup artists are a good idea. An increasing number of brides are now hiring professional mobile wedding hair and makeup Melbourne artists to use their magic wands to create that perfect look for the wedding, as it saves them time and hassle to visit a salon.

• Get all your staff onboard

As a beauty salon owner, you need to ensure that all of your staff knows the standards of customer service. Market leaders in various professions earn more money by prioritising knowledge. Informed personnel provide quality work, higher salon sales and gain extra respect. So, offer frequent training to all your staff on all current trends, colours, styles, treatments and techniques.

Quality customer service is invaluable in building your business and growing its reputation.

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