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Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty in Beauty Salons

A beauty salon is based on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Getting an additional client on board is not easy, neither is holding on to an existing customer base. This is primarily because beauty care services and treatments are taking on cutting edge dimensions with introduction of new innovations and technologies. Every salon is trying to do something special and offer exclusive services to clients. Hence it should be the goal of every salon owner to devise strategies that will not only draw in new clients but also make sure of increasing loyalties amongst existing ones.

Here are a few ways that you as a salon owner can do so –

  • Offer exclusive services – Every salon will offer basic services like hair cut, facials, pedicure and manicure. There is not much room for manoeuvre but if you think out of the box, you can surely come up with some unique services. While others will provide their services in the salon, why don’t you take your services to clients’ premises in case of exceptional circumstances? Take for example bridal makeup. To-be brides will welcome your offer to provide the service at home as it will save them precious time in commuting from your clinic. Additionally, you can at the same time cater to the makeup requirements of other guests who will be accompanying the bride to the church.

There are a number of benefits here for you. The first of course is the exclusivity of the practice. Next is that for the day you are attending to a large number of clients away from your salon which is free to service regular normal patrons. Finally, your salon gets exposure to a large group of non-customers who will surely make it a point to sample your services in the clinic in future.

  • Install high technology devices – Nothing will impress a client more than being treated with high-tech devices for the best results. IPL laser hair removal machines are one such example. Patrons booking in at your clinic for waxing or other similar treatments will come back repeatedly if you offer painless and affordable procedures for hair removal. They will find no plausible reason to try out other clinics if they get the best possible treatments in yours, thereby increasing brand loyalty manifold.

However, there are some areas you should be cautious about in this regard. While optimised treatments with high tech machines will definitely increase customer loyalty and retention, you should install the best devices available in the market to make it happen. Further, these devices should be handled by trained and qualified technicians to avoid the possibility of any adverse side-effects as well as to address safety issues. Salon owners in Australia can order their equipment AAD, leading importers and distributors of such devices in the country.

  • Set benchmarks in customer service – Make every client feel that she is family and set exceptional benchmarks of excellence in service. Small things matter a lot. Reminding a customer in advance that there is an appointment or being on first name basis helps a lot. In fact, most of your workers will know them well as conversation and interaction between your staff and customers will be relaxed and easy when treatments are carried out. You have to offer that extra touch and make them feel more than welcome.
  • Offer flash discounts – Surprise your clients with on the spot flash discounts and rebates, something they had not bargained for. For example offer a facial at highly discounted rate after a haircut. If you can satisfy the client, there is always a distinct possibility that she will opt for the additional service at full rates the next time she comes in for a haircut. This way, you have increased client retention without any additional effort.

Building a client base is not easy but with a little bit of ingenuity, you can surely increase levels of customer loyalty at your beauty clinic and spa.

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