The Fundamentals Of Running A Beauty Salon

Running a beauty salon is no ordinary job. In the severely competitive industry of beauty services, you have to be innovative and implement out of the box ideas for staying one step ahead of the pack. Follow the rules, stick to the basics but make sure that you add the extra value added services to keep your appointment schedules full and running.

 So what are the fundamentals of running a beauty salon? 

  • Good marketing strategies – Your focus should be to draw in customers and ensure that they leave contented and happy. Both are crucial for your business. A good marketing strategy is all about good publicity and spreading the word about your services as far and wide as possible. For this to happen at a minimum cost, you have to take the digital route. Have an attractive and user-friendly website designed and developed by professionals. Once you have a very visible online presence the volume of traffic to your website will increase resulting in more conversions and sales.

  • Optimised customer service – This is the backbone of your business and should be given its due importance. There are two aspects to it. The first is the human personalised touch. Get the best workers on board even if you have to pay more. The expertise they will bring with them will be worth more than the extra you have to pay for hiring highly skilled labour.

Secondly, get the best equipment for your salon especially for high tech services. Permanent hair removal or skin rejuvenation procedures with laser IPL machines or microdermabrasion treatments fall in this category. Research the market for the best available devices, never mind the prices. In the salon business in Australia, Universal IPL has carved out a niche in this segment. They are importers and distributors of top of the line beauty treatment devices and offer a range of quality after sales services. For more information, visit

  • Increase revenue – While the simplest way to increase revenue and profitability is by curtailing expenditure, in the salon business you cannot afford to do so as it will jeopardise your customer service. Neither can you use inferior consumables nor can you do away with the coffee machine or the welcome drink. What you have to concentrate on is increasing per customer spend.

There are various ways to do so and depends a lot on your ingenuity. An example will clear this point. A customer who has come in for a haircut may be offered a facial at a highly subsidised rate. If he/she is very satisfied with it, you can be sure that on the next appointment a facial will be opted for. However, this time it will be at normal rates. In one stroke, you have managed to increase the average spend of a patron at your salon.

  • Offer personalised services – It is the extras that will give your salon business the gentle nudge towards exclusivity. For instance, while others will offer in salon makeup services, you can go the additional mile and offer makeup services at home, mainly on special occasions such as weddings and similar events. So next time bridal makeup is needed at home, people will be contacting you adding to your popularity and helping business growth.

These are some of the points you can try to take your salon business to the next level.

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