About Us

Beauty business is big business today and is growing rapidly every year at a very fast clip. Every day new innovations and technical upgrades are flooding the market, so much so that even established salon and spa owners are finding it difficult to keep up with the times.

The focus at salonbellefrisco.com is to bring you news, information, trivia and even expert opinion from the world of beauty. Our blog spot is devoted exclusively to this niche and bloggers with knowledge in this field are welcome to contribute to our site.

We seek blogs from technical wizards who are well versed in the intricacies of state of the art highly advanced equipment. These include but are not limited to permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, tattoo removal, IPL and laser machines and microdermabrasion equipment. Suppliers and distributors of such devices can write about the latest technologies and the new releases with detailed specifications. It will immensely help salon owners decide which new equipment to buy. It will also be beneficial for customers eager to know about the latest machines at salon and spas.

There is another area that you can focus on. Most people are not aware of the side effects of beauty treatments. For example, it is known that IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can sometimes result in a mild stinging sensation especially on sensitive skin. Dermatologists get around this by passing cool air over the surface of the skin during treatments. Patients themselves who have been through such side effects can write in to us with their experiences so that other potential patients of beauty treatments can benefit from it.

Remember, salonbellefrisco.com is a one stop shop for all information about beauty business. Your contribution can enlighten others interested in this genre.