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What you need to do to become A beauty therapist

Beauty therapists, also known as skin care specialists or aestheticians generally find employment in beauty care salons and spas. It requires great physical stamina as a therapist has to be on the feet for long hours, communicating with clients and offering treatments which include waxing, applying makeup, hair removal and providing stress related therapies like […]

Beauty Salons

Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty in Beauty Salons

A beauty salon is based on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Getting an additional client on board is not easy, neither is holding on to an existing customer base. This is primarily because beauty care services and treatments are taking on cutting edge dimensions with introduction of new innovations and technologies. Every salon is trying to […]


The Fundamentals Of Running A Beauty Salon

Running a beauty salon is no ordinary job. In the severely competitive industry of beauty services, you have to be innovative and implement out of the box ideas for staying one step ahead of the pack. Follow the rules, stick to the basics but make sure that you add the extra value added services to […]

Starting Your Hair Salon & Spa Business

With the exponential growth in beauty business all over the world and projected to grow rapidly in the years to come, this is the ideal time to get into the Hair Salon and Spa business. However, it is definitely not easy and a lot of careful planning and research should be carried out before taking […]